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Day 1
29 Sep 2020
Day 2
15 Oct 2020
Day 3
10 Dec 2020
Day 4
17 Mar 2021
Day 5
27 May 2021
Day 6
22 Jul 2021
Day 7
28 Oct 2021

Use of evidence in peacebuilding and transitional development assistance

This inaugural edition of the 3ie evidence dialogues focused on the role of evidence in the context of peacebuilding and transitional development assistance. It included a brief presentation of findings from a new systematic review assessing the effects of interventions to promote social cohesion, followed by a discussion of the role and use of evidence in the sector.
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Wale Osofisan
Wale Osofisan
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith
Jörn Grävingholt
Dr. Jörn Grävingholt
Henriette Sachse
Ada Sonnenfeld
Marie Gaarder

Women’s economic empowerment and its interactions with social and personal empowerment

As reflected in the SDGs, women's economic empowerment is considered a dominant path to achieving gender equality. However, women’s empowerment is multifaceted and includes personal and social empowerment as well.
Sebastian Martinez
Bidisha Barooah
Bidisha Barooah
Ketherine Hay,
Katherine Hay
Anjini Kochar
Anjini Kochar
Sarah Iqbal
Sarah Iqbal

Evidence generation in challenging times: Lessons from agricultural innovations

This Evidence Dialogues webinar discussed lessons learned using examples from impact evaluations of agricultural innovations. Read the blog
Annemie Maertens
Mark Engelbert
Alan de Brauw
Fred Dzanku
Sebastian Martinez

Evidence-informed development – starting with the man in the mirror

In this Evidence Dialogues webinar, we discussed how institutions can incentivize, put systems in place, and train people in using research and evidence to design the best possible interventions, policies and programs and to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptations so as always to strive to support the most cost-effective development programs.
Alison Evans
Kumar Iyer
Mark Sundberg
Stacey Young
Håvard Mokleiv Nygård
Marie Gaarder

Using implementation research to strengthen nutrition interventions

This session will focus on the role of implementation research for strengthening the planning, delivery, or scale up of nutrition interventions.
Neeta Goel
Purnima Menon
Suneetha Kadiyala
Carolyn Huang
David de Ferranti

Learnings from routine child vaccination coverage for Covid policy and practice

This edition of the 3ie evidence dialogues focused on what we know about the state of evidence on increasing routine immunisation of children in low- and middle-income countries and reflect on its relevance and current practices in the context of Covid.
Harini Kannan
Sohail Agha
Mark Engelbert
Sebastian Martinez

What works to strengthen gender equality and empower women in fragile contexts?

This edition of the Evidence Dialogues brought together experts who discussed the review’s findings and deliberated on what else can be done to increase impact and production of evidence on this important subject.
Sarah Knibbs
Naila Kabeer
Jana Naujoks
Etienne Lwamba
Henriette Sachse
Birte Snilstveit