Evidence-informed development – starting with the man in the mirror

Evidence-informed development – starting with the man in the mirror

Promoting evidence use’, ‘from evidence to policy impact’ – these have been the trending topics during countless webinars in 2020. The focus has tended to be on ensuring evidence-informed decisions by southern policy-makers and program implementers. What has been relatively less discussed is the practice and the decisions taken by international development institutions. To what extent are data and research used to diagnose the developmental problems that development institutions decide or agree to address in their country programming? To what extent does the institution incentivize and train people in using research and evidence to design the best possible interventions to address the diagnosed problem? To what extent is there continuous monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptations in place to ensure that the chances of good outcomes are improved? To what extent is rigorous evaluation financed and built into development programs to ensure that next time around we know more about the effectiveness of the interventions and who it benefits and not?

In this evidence dialogue we will put these questions to operational and evaluation leaders in Norad, FCDO, MCC and the World Bank Group. We hope to learn about the challenges they have faced and ideas they have to improve current practice. We hope they will compare and contrast their experiences of what has worked well in terms of improving the evidence and learning culture in their respective organizations. The format will be conversational in tone.

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Alison Evans, Vice-president and Director General of IEG, WBG
Kumar Iyer, Director of Delivery, FCDO
Mark Sundberg, Chief Economist, MCC
Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Director of Knowledge and Evaluation, Norad
Stacey Young, Agency Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Officer, USAID

Chair: Marie Gaarder, Executive Director 3ie

Date: 17 Mar 2021
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 BST